Sam Poo Kong

Historical Building, Semarang Indonesia!

Hello travelers, Welcome to a small part of the northern coast of Java Island, Indonesia. Surely one of you is no stranger to the photo above, right? Yupp, the photo above is a corner of the Sam Poo Kong Stone Building Temple or in other words people call it a place of worship for people of Chinese / Chinese descent which is located in the Sam Poo Kong complex, Simongan area, southwest of Semarang city.

The Sam Poo Kong Batu Building Temple is not only used as a place of worship but has become an iconic tourist attraction in the middle of Semarang City. The Gedung Batu Sam Poo Kong Temple has its own charms such as cultural acculturation, the building’s architecture looks magnificent, there is a statue of Admiral Ceng Ho, and there is also a historic cave in it so that it can attract various local and foreign tourists who are curious about the inside of the Gedung Temple. Rock Sam Poo Kong himself.


Talking about this one destination, about a month ago since this article was published, my extended family and I visited the city of Semarang to attend a family event. We departed from the city of Malang to the city of Semarang using a tourist bus and our journey took about 7 hours of travel via the toll road but on the way we also stopped at the rest area provided along the toll roads in Indonesia. After we arrived in the city of Semarang, we stayed at one of the Corporate University Pusdiklat BKK areas located on Jalan Singa Raya because one of my family was the person in charge of the inn so my extended family and I were given permission to stay at a lower price. The costs incurred for transportation and lodging have been borne by the family cooperative money, so we can enjoy holidays with a little savings, for those of you who want to explore the world, there are always interesting opportunities and various ways not to drain your pockets. Next, I will discuss tips and tricks on how to vacation but save on a budget. After the family meeting was over, our group took a tour around the city of Semarang. Yupp, one of them, we stopped by the Sam Poo Kong Stone Building Temple. We departed from the Corporate University Pusdiklat BKK to the Gedung Batu Sam Poo Kong Temple by bus, taking a route of about 8.1 km with an estimated time of approximately 25 minutes. And when we arrived at the Gedung Batu Sam Poo Kong Temple, we first queued to count the number of people who were in our group which would make it easier to buy tickets to enter the Gedung Batu Sam Poo Kong Temple. Ticket prices also vary from children’s tickets to adults. Ticket prices for adult visitors start from IDR 10,000 on weekdays and IDR 15,000 on weekends, while children are charged IDR 5,000 on weekdays and IDR 10,000 on weekends. Keep in mind, that the price of this ticket can change, so make sure you prepare more for the entrance ticket. There is also a canal ticket that is used to visit more destinations in the Sam Poo Kong Stone Building Temple. Passage ticket rates for adult visitors start from IDR 30,000 on weekdays and IDR 35,000 on weekends, while children are charged an entrance fee of IDR 15,000 on weekdays and weekends. As well as there are also promotional tickets, which include canal tickets, photos in Chinese costumes, and souvenir packages priced at IDR 65,000 for weekdays and weekends. And while in the temple area there is also a tour guide provided by the temple. However, the price for renting a tour guide starts from IDR 35,000.


At that time, my entourage and I came on the weekend so we got the entrance ticket price according to the weekend ticket prices. However, some of us ordered pass tickets so we could enter the worship area and take pictures in Chinese clothing. However, before entering the worship area, you are required to wash your feet and hands so as not to contaminate the place of worship. Inside the temple area I found three types of animals namely snakes, pigeons and sparrows. But they are all in a cage. As well as there are also snacks and drink vendors in the temple area that visitors can buy if they are thirsty or hungry and the prices are very affordable. As many people know, the city of Semarang is famous for its rather hot temperatures, maybe around 33 degrees during the day and around 25 degrees at night, but the temperature depends on the season that takes place in the city. So I suggest don’t forget to wear sunscreen and don’t forget to also bring an umbrella so you don’t get burned by the very hot sun.

Interesting right? That was my experience when visiting the Sam Poo Kong Stone Building Temple located in Semarang. Hopefully with the blog I wrote, you will be interested in visiting this tourist destination of the Sam Poo Kong Stone Building Temple, and don’t forget to leave your reviews about this destination. Happy Travel and see you at the next destination.

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